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BT release final terms and conditions for Exchange Activate

The final documentation has been notified to Oftel for the BT ADSL Exchange Activate Service. This service involves a sponsor/service provider paying £45,000 for the first block of 30 ADSL users on an exchange, with this money covering all the fees except individual line activation fees over a period of three years. Subsequent blocks of 30 users cost a slightly lower £30,000. The small number of users catered for makes it ideal for exchanges that are unlikely to see ADSL arriving via the standard roll-out in the next year.

The new information released today is mainly of interest to people considering sponsoring the service or service providers, but is likely to be of interest for those lobbying RDAs or councils. Firstly the terms and conditions are listed on the BT site under the title BT ADSL Exchange Activate Service. Secondly the pricing can be found on the ServiceView website.

Exchange activate as a product has had a mixed reaction, and is considered to be overpriced by many. It certainly is more expensive per user than the standard BT IPStream Home 500 service, but is only marginally more expensive than when Home 500 was originally launched at the wholesale price of £35/month two years ago. The service will not officially launch until 21st July 2003, so it may be some time before news of partnerships using the product filter through to the public domain.


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