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Cromarty, Scotland to get wireless broadband

BBC News Online has the news that another town in Scotland has received help from the Highland and Islands Enterprise to provision a fixed wireless network system.

This is good news for the people of Cromarty, and perhaps shows a way forward for other towns that to date have being bypassed by the broadband motorway. Though while schemes like this are increasing the availability of broadband around the UK, it is very reminiscent of the early cable TV roll-out where lots of small companies were involved and years on some places are suffering from the early decisions, that now render an area stuck with an old technology. Fortunately wireless broadband requires very little infrastructure, making future upgrades simpler and cheaper.

The UK is lacking a coherent vision that will ensure in a few years time that universal access to broadband is the norm. With the quilt work of projects that are appearing every day, there are going to be patches left uncovered and more worryingly some parts of the network may not perform too great and thus hold back demand.

Interestingly the news item on the BBC site also carries the news that PipeMedia are offering to local loop un-bundle an exchange to offer their own DSL services if 50 customers pledge to use the technology. They have 15 exchanges earmarked for this treatment in the Midlands area and is also providing a wireless service, of which Market Bosworth is due to go live soon.


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