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ADSL Extended Reach 60dB limit pilot to be expanded to all users

BT Wholesale has just confirmed that the Extended range pilot, commonly known as the change in planning limits from 55dB to 60dB is to be expanded. From 9th July 2003, up-to 1000 lines will be able to participate in an expansion of the current trial that will last until September/October. The final launch date will depend on whether any problems are discovered.

The trial to date has ran with 100 BT employees and has performed very well, with an error rate no higher than existing users. In fact BT has stated that 100% of the lines were installed and continue to work well. BT Wholesale wants to expand the trial ten-fold to ensure that a wider range of customer hardware and telephone lines are tested. This testing is to ensure that the number of faults experienced will not be excessively high when the extended reach limits become the standard limits for all 512kbps ADSL services.

BT Wholesale will be contacting people who have managed to contact BT directly about the extended reach trial, and informing them to submit another order after 9th July 2003 to the ISP of their choice. We should add that participation in the trial is not compulsory for service providers, so some may refuse to take orders for the trial.

The full briefing from BT Wholesale can be read in our announcements forum here.

Update: 15th June Please note you need to contact your service provider of choice to find out if they are taking part in the trial. Once we have a list of ISPs who are taking part and will be submitting orders for the trail we will publish it. As the briefing was only released on Friday 13th, a lot of ISPs will not have formulated their plans yet, which means staff on the end of the telephones may not be able to help at this time.


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