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Monkston campaign site meets BT

The Monkston and Middleton broadband campaign has organised a meeting with BT about the current ADSL situation in the Milton Keynes area. The notes from the meeting can be read here.

Three representatives from BT were present, they were John Small, Ian Lawrence and Tom Hamilton. John Small also is the current Chairman of the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce, which gives an insight perhaps that many BT employees are interested in helping to solve local broadband problems.

Three main topics were covered in the meeting, much of which is relevant to people from all over the UK.

TPON (Telephony Passive Optical Network)
Of the 709 TPON customers in Monkston, BT are expecting around 6% to convert as soon as the copper is available. Capacity for up to 25% (200 customers) will be installed. The cables are due to be laid in the second week of July 2003, but this is subject to local council approval for the trench digging that will be required. Note The ducting used for TPON fibre is generally too small for pulling through the copper cabling, hence the need for new ducting to be installed. ADSLGuide suspects that a similar timetable will apply to other TPON areas.

Planning limits change - 55dB to 60dB
This change in the amount of line loss is allowed on an ADSL line will mean that people in the Bradwell Abbey area will see coverage increase from around 70% to possibly 90%. Interestingly, at the meeting they said the new limit is due to happen in September. The new limits had been expected to appear at the end of June, this suggests that the rumour that the trials will be extended to the general public may be correct. We have asked for confirmation of this from Rebecca Webster and we will post the answer.

Some interesting comments are made in the meeting notes about precisely why BT is using the limits it does, and are worth a read.

Aluminium cabling
Apparently it is not so much the length of aluminium cabling used, but rather the joints between the copper and aluminium sections. Unfortunately record keeping from when this cabling was installed (1960s) is not always accurate.

All in all, it sounds like a good meeting with much useful information. A further meeting is planned for August, we look forward to hearing how things progress in that time frame.


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