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One Million ADSL users and lower triggers

BT has announced that the milestone of the first one million ADSL users has being reached. The one millionth customer being the Winrose Project, who are a scheme helping disadvantaged young people in the South Leeds area, and for once it was not actually a customer of a BT ISP, but Legend.

The original target of 1 million users by Summer 2003 was set back in February 2002, when there were just 145,000 ADSL connections. This shows the rate of growth of ADSL in the UK is pretty fast at present. This can be explained by two rounds of price cuts which improved levels of awareness and the hard work of local people with regard to the exchange trigger scheme. BT has gone on the record saying in response to take up that "Experience over the last few months shows that take-up of broadband in areas enabled through the scheme has been higher than initially anticipated and these findings lie behind the decision to reduce triggers."

Rather than the one million user mark pass as just a fanfare of publicity, BT has decided to give a present of a reduction of 50 registrations on the trigger level for all exchanges with a trigger. The good news of this is that it means 69 exchanges will have just hit their trigger, so another 375,000 households can look forward to a chance of ADSL.

The all important ADSL coverage figure is now at 71%, which is the percentage of households connected to an ADSL enabled exchange. This figure should rise to 80% by the end of 2003.

To remind people, the ADSLGuide demand tracker will update with the new triggers levels when it is next run, which is around midnight.


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