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Bulldog adds more exchanges to its AllTime range

Bulldog has extended the availability of its AllTime (DataStream) 40:1 contention products, the range is now available at 119 exchanges across the UK. The full list of exchanges is in our announcements forum. We also have a list of the 35 exchanges where Bulldog have installed their own DSL kit, i.e. Local Loop Un-bundling (LLU) which forms the basis for their PrimeTime range.

Hi-Velocity one of Bulldogs resellers is making a special offer to coincide with the increased roll-out. The AllTime 2000 40:1 service is available for £39.99+VAT (£46.99 inc VAT) per month, a saving of £5 over the standard price, the activation fee is the normal £58.75 (inc VAT). The offer is only available to ADSLguide readers who order via Hi-Velocity - full details are in the Bulldog forum here.

When one realises that you can now buy a 2Mbps service for the cost of a 0.5Mbps service two years ago, you can see how far the UK has come price wise since the year 2000 when prices of £50 to £60 were not uncommon for a basic 512kbps service. Unfortunately, as Oftel highlighted earlier in the week, the UK in terms of LLU has a long way to go, hopefully Bulldog and Easynet will continue to unbundle more exchanges and more importantly sell more unbundled lines. Without this form of competition we are unlikely to see the next generations of ADSL speeds available in the UK for some years, because BT is very likely to concentrate on its continued rollout, rather than innovative/faster products.


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