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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for May 2003

It seems that as each month goes by, more and more users keep asking when the speed test results are going to be published. We do spend many hours going through results to audit them and ensure that they give a true and fair view of the speeds achieved by users to the ADSLguide web server. Do remember that these results do not include any services offered at faster than 512 Kbps as we do not currently have enough results to provide a meaningful comparison. It should also be noted, that as we require 150 "confirmed" tests (the "total" column), small service providers may be excluded as well. We believe including them would provide an inaccurate picture of their performance (not always necessarily reflecting their high speeds) when the sample sizes are too small. This test only measures speed to ADSLguide and doesn't therefore reflect the speed of access to international sites for example.






1 Eclipse Internet 451.4 Kbps 240.2 Kbps 1827
2 Nildram 442.7 Kbps 236.9 Kbps 2625
3 Zen Internet 436.2 Kbps 236.1 Kbps 1709
4 PlusNet 434.5 Kbps 236.5 Kbps 1690
5 434.3 Kbps 234.4 Kbps 602
6 BT Broadband 434.0 Kbps 236.2 Kbps 2089
7 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 427.3 Kbps 224.5 Kbps 563
8 Boltblue broadband 426.6 Kbps 237.1 Kbps 240
9 PIPEX Internet Limited 426.3 Kbps 238.7 Kbps 4615
10 Demon 419.3 Kbps 217.2 Kbps 865

Eclipse has beaten Nildram for the second month in a row after Nildram's long seven-month lead at the top, although all the speeds seem to have dropped somewhat both in the top ten and across the board. Eclipse did increase its lead from 6.6 Kbps in April to 8.7 Kbps although there are some signs that Nildram is catching up, making next month's results quite interesting. Virgin net also dropped from third to fifth position behind Zen and PlusNet. Bolt Blue have climbed back into the top 10 having been out for two months with low speeds, pushing BT Openworld out which dropped to 414.0 Kbps (down) and 226.6 Kbps up) just behind AOL.

ISPs with a greater number of speed test results should be considered to be a more accurate representation of network performance. Do remember that speed is not everything--We would suggest users use our ISP Comparator which considers other factors such as reliability and customer service and to take advantage of our forums as well. To view a list of previous months results, click here. We are looking to add automatic ISP detection into the speed test system in the next few weeks to improve accuracy of results, so hopefully this will help us get these results out to you quicker in the future  :) [seb]


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