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BT Exchange Activate to go live July 21st

BT Wholesale has released a date for when the ADSL Exchange Activate scheme will become a live product, it is July 21st 2003. ADSL Exchange Activate is a method whereby small exchanges will be able to get ADSL. It relies on a sponsor subsidising the ADSL charges for three years, and buying capacity in blocks of thirty users.

The scheme is meant to allow people like RDA's or other local bodies to get reasonable Broadband access into areas that otherwise would not see anything beyond Satellite access for many years. At £45,000 for the first 30 users three years of access it is a lot dearer than standard ADSL pricing, hence the need for some 'social benefit' type sponsorship. Further blocks of 30 connections can be paid for at £30,000 a time.

For people interested in finding out more on the scheme, there is a sponsor pack available as a PDF download.


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