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BT Group releases preliminary annual statement

BT has released its end of year results for the last financial year (2003). The figures of interest to ADSL users is that there are a total of 936,000 connections as of May 16th, of which 490,000 are down to BT itself (171,000 with BT Broadand and the remaining 319,000 with BT Openworld). This gives BT a 52% share of the retail market for ADSL connections.

The figures for the growth of Broadband look good, with 25,000 orders per week in March 2003 recorded by BT Wholesale. This compares to just 8,000 per week in the fourth quarter of last year - though it should be noted that March 2003 had a half price activation offer in place. Therefore it is possible that sales may have decreased slightly now, the figures for April would be more revealing with regards sustained growth.

The performance of BT Broadband with just 171,000 customers since their launch last year is perhaps not a surprise. For a 'no-frills' product its pricing is not particularly great, and there is probably a large reluctance by Internet users to switch ISP if they have an established email address. Switching ISPs need not cause great problems with email accounts, some simple reconfiguration of the e-mail program on the users computer will normally allow people to continue to use an old ISPs email address, but this is slightly more difficult with BT Broadband as the service has no mail server to use for outgoing emails. E-mail support is available as an optional extra via third parties, but many people appear not to be aware of this.


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