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Latest news on 60dB extended reach ADSL trial

The trial is still going on, and no firm commitment to a commercial launch of new 60dB limit has being made by BT Wholesale yet. Though the plan is to update the various BT Wholesale checking systems by the end of June 2003, if the service is given the go ahead.

Interestingly BT Wholesale is planning to offer a faster than 10 day turn around for service providers who bulk submit telephone numbers for acceptance checking. A bulk system exists which allows an ISP to submit upto 4 million phone numbers for checking on the 1st stage of the BT Wholesale order process. The cost is £750 for every batch an ISP submits. BT Wholesale hope that by speeding up the process, this will allow ISPs to target people who are likely to benefit from the new 60dB limits.


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