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Good news for BT exchanges using the subtending link technology

BT Wholesale has announced that the seven exchanges which here the first to be enabled with the new technology, have had their service dates brought forward into September.

Exchanges ready for service on 3rd September 2003
Silchester, Hampshire
Staplehurst, Kent

Exchanges ready for service on 24th September 2003
Ash Green, Kent
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
Milford on Sea, Hampshire
Skelmanthorpe, West Yorksire
Somersham, Cambridgeshire

Subtending is the process whereby BT will use technoglogy to link the backhaul from several exchanges in an area, thereby reducing the overall costs. This has meant that some exchanges have had their trigger level reduced, but unfortunately the use of the new technology has meant a longer period of time is needed to enable the exchanges.


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