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Clarification on BTs policy of lines specifically for ADSL

Marko from the Broadband4Blackpool campaign has successfully managed to extract a definitive answer from BT Wholesale on the subject of ordering lines specially for ADSL.

The full answer from BT Wholesale was "Our policy on this one is the same as BT's standard PSTN terms and conditions which means that when you buy a PSTN line you take out a 12 month contract. Therefore if a PSTN line already exists and a customer orders another which subsequently does not support ADSL - they will be held to this term. The routing for a second PSTN line will almost always follow identically the existing primary (first line in the home/ original phone line) PSTN route and therefore the distance will be the same. I think the confusion may have been generated because we do however waive charges for primary PSTN lines ordered for ADSL, which subsequently cannot support it. This can be done by phoning BT via 150."

In short this means that for customers moving back to BT, or buying a new house can have a phone line installed specifically for ADSL, and the charges are waived if it does not support ADSL. The downside is for people who are ordering a 2nd or 3rd line in an attempt to get a better quality line, in these cases you will be held accountable for the costs even if the line fails the ADSL checks.

The one chance for people who have previously applied for ADSL, and their line has failed, is that the increase in the planning limits appears to still be on target for launch in late June 2003. No definite date has being announced yet, tests from the trial are still continuing. This testing is required to ensure that ADSL modems can cope with running on lines with such a low level of ADSL signal, without providing a service that is constantly falling over.

Update - 18th May 2003: It would appear that while the above is the official policy from BT Wholesale, that some people are able to get second BT lines under the condition it works for ADSL, and no penalties if it does not. A lot of this may be down to the descretion of sales staff etc, so if you place an order under this proviso, ensure that you keep a record of any conversations in case you enter into a dispute at a later date.


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