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Easynet slashes setup charges until end of May

Competition is hotting up in the higher end DSL market. Easynet has decided to slash the setup prices for their Business Broadband Max 4000 and 8000 services which offer 4Mbps and 8Mbps speeds downstream and 768kbps upstream. The special offer price of £299+VAT (usually £995) includes a dedicated data line, a managed Lucent Cellpipe router configured either for NAT or no-NAT with 13 IPs not requiring customers to purchase any additional equipment to connect up their network. The offer also applies to their range of SDSL products (Pro 500, 1000 and 2000) offering symmetric speeds of up to 2Mbps both for downloads and uploads. This represents a saving of almost £700  in the install cost. The only 'catch' is you have to mention this offer and be on an exchange that Easynet have unbundled in many metropolitan areas This isn't just limited to Central London but includes exchanges in Outer London, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Leeds, Birmingham, Thames Valley, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield and more. The above offer is particularly attractive for its 8Mbps ADSL and the SDSL services but users may also wish to consider Bulldog services if they live in the Central London area. [seb]


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