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Blueyonder launches 2Mbps service for £50/month

Telewest has launched its 2Mbps Cable Broadband service after the trial with 1500 users, more details on Web-Users website. The service is priced at £50 for existing Telewest telephone customers, or £54.99 without the phone service. Activation is the normal Telewest fee of £50.

Chris Raube, director of Internet services at Telewest is quoted as saying "While BT and other major ADSL providers offer a one-size-fits-all service, we recognise people have different needs and provide a menu of cable services to suit." A somewhat sweeping statement of the ADSL market place, one can only assume that by 'major', Telewest mean AOL, Freeserve, BT Broadband and BT Openworld. The first three providers are very much one speed services, and BT Openworld only markets the 512kbps service at home users. The original statement though shows an attempt to perhaps manipulate the average consumer who only sees the TV adverts. This is because it ignores the service providers using ADSL who are already providing 1Mbps and 2Mbps ADSL services to Home users, there is even Bulldog supplying 4Mbps.


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