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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for April 2003

Yet again we're at the beginning of a new month and it's time to publish the speed test results "top 10" for last month. As always, these tests do not include any services offered at faster than 512 Kbps as we do not have enough samples to provide statistically meaningful results. Also, please note that smaller ISPs may be excluded from this list if they have fewer than 150 confirmed test results ("total" column).






1 Eclipse Internet 456.2 Kbps 240.9 Kbps 1708
2 Nildram 449.6 Kbps 237.6 Kbps 2269
3 446.9 Kbps 239.9 Kbps 349
4 Zen Internet 445.9 Kbps 235.7 Kbps 1126
5 PlusNet 440.8 Kbps 238.1 Kbps 1570
6 BT Broadband * 434.6 Kbps 236.2 Kbps 723
7 PIPEX Internet Limited 434.0 Kbps 237.6 Kbps 4336
8 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 433.7 Kbps 230.4 Kbps 451
9 Demon 431.0 Kbps 221.1 Kbps 812
10 BTOpenworld 423.3 Kbps 223.4 Kbps 6728

Regular readers of our site will notice that Eclipse has ended Nildram's seven-month run at the number one position having been very close in March with just a 0.2 Kbps tail over Nildram. Mark Lang from Eclipse said, "In recent months we have upgraded our broadband core routing equipment, implemented more Gigabit Ethernet links and improved our Internet transit connections" and confirms Eclipse will be doubling their central pipe capacity shortly.

We audited April's top results with even more scrutiny than previously which also saw take third position from Zen Internet by 1 Kbps, a significant climb from their 8th position last month with a speed of 428.3 Kbps. Last month, both Claranet and VISPA failed to qualify with too few confirmed results but we expect them to reach the required number of tests this month challenging BTOpenworld's position in the top ten ranking. Many users have experienced problems with Tiscali's service in the last few weeks which has shown up in the speed tests, dropping Tiscali's average downstream speed to 350.1 Kbps with over 1,600 samples.

Iain Ogilvie from Nildram said: "Having held the number one slot for seven months in a row, it's nice to have some healthy competition at last! Our resolve to remain at the leading edge of Broadband service and performance continues. With regard to the number one slot, it's only on loan - we will be back!"

ISPs with a greater number of speed test results should be considered to be a more accurate representation of network performance. Do remember that speed is not everything--We would suggest users use our ISP Comparator which considers other factors such as reliability and customer service and to take advantage of our forums as well. To view a list of previous months results, click here. [seb]

* Additional Note (09/05/03): Due to an error in one of the IP ranges processed during our audit, some results attributable to BT Broadband were assigned to BT Openworld. This totals approximately 1,200 samples so whilst this is quite a large chunk, its effects on speeds and positions within the top ten are limited. The changes drop BT Broadband's downstream result to 432.7kbps thereby moving them into 8th position below Pipex and F2S. The changes do not affect BT Openworld's position in the list. We would like to point out that this error was found thanks to the co-operation from BT Broadband and we appreciate their help in this respect. We are in the process of adding an automated system to cut down on errors to avoid the need for frequent manual audits but until that is in place, we have added the missing IP ranges to the BT Broadband list for the next month.


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