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NTL's 'Broadband' figures broken down

The Register has managed to obtain information that shows the breakdown of NTL's cable modem figures. These show how the majority are actually using a service that doesnt fit into Oftel's definition of a Broadband service.

The figures show 1,800 on the 64kbps service, 380,000 on the 150kbps (old 128kbps) service, 280,000 on the 600kbps and a lowish 26,000 on the 1Mbps service. The figures for the 150kbps service represent 55% of the entire customer base.

Oftel itself has recently made moves to define Broadband as an always-on service that is faster than 256kbps.

This breakdown may explain the reason why NTL is increasing its 128kbps in price by £3 at the same time it increased the speed to 150kbps and the choice of 1GB/day for its download limit cap. In other words, their largest customer base sees the price increase, but these are also the people least affected by the download cap at present.

The number of people on the 1Mbps service looks low, especially given the level of demand ADSL appears to be generating amongst home users for faster and cheap home based products.


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