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BT Midband website appears online

BT has made its BT Midband service website publically available and can be viewed here.

The site includes confirmation of the pricing and hourly limits as variously leaked earlier in the week. Additionally the installation price of £74.99 (inc VAT) is revealed, and that Home Highway (HH) users can use the service for a £10/month fee. At present the product should just be considered a competitor to the existing 'unmetered' dialup packages that exist for Home Highway users. The BT site has a FAQ to answer a lot of the questions.

It would appear that Midband is just a repackaging exercice at present, no significantly different functionality to Home Highway exists. There is a chance that the product may appeal to people still on dialup, who never caught onto Home Highway and have no apparent chance of Broadband within the next 12 months. Certainly Midband should provide an improvement in service quality compared to dialup, but the pent up hopes of existing HH users looking for a true cheap unmetered package are still to be satisfied.


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