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More Midband service news

The Register has some more news on the BT Midband service. The main thing is that it would appear an official announcement on the service is due later this week.

The other information is, the service will have a limit of 150 hours per month at 64kbps, and using 128kbps will use the limit up faster. The worst case is 75 hours if you run at 128kbps constantly. Exceeding this cap will result in being charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, but it appears unused hours can be carried over from month to month. Price wise the news is not so great either. Around £35/month, though if this includes everything, i.e. line rental, the 150 hour limit charge and ISP charge then at least this is better than the standard Home Highway service now. The icing on the cake is the two hour cut off.

The product is moving more and more away from the 'vision' that BT talked about in 2002, and perhaps it was always just a vision. The need for some form of cheap and better than 56K Internet access is growing, particularly in those areas of the country unlikely to be getting Broadband services in 2003. BT has missed an opportunity here, though in competition terms this may prove to be a blessing. If wireless companies are clever they will target the areas of the country that BT are avoiding and they would probably find a truly unmetered 256kbps service would be very popular.


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