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Plusnet to the rescue of Affinity customers...

Following the collapse of Affinity Internet reported earlier, there is a nice surprise waiting in mailboxes of customers along with other virtual ISPs where PlusNet operate network services on behalf of Affinity. PlusNet has come to the rescue by offering to keep their customers hosted for another week so that they can choose whether to migrate to their own service:

E-mail from PlusNet:

Dear xxxxx,

We would like to provide more information about the discontinuation of breathepro's Internet service and how it affects your Internet account.

As you are aware, the provision of your Internet service was due to cease at 5pm Thursday 24th April. In order to provide customers such as yourself the opportunity to obtain continuous connectivity with as little disruption as possible, PlusNet Technologies has, at its own cost, suspended the termination of your breathepro service. This will enable you to have the chance to switch to PlusNet, or any other provider. However PlusNet provide a high quality service at an excellent monthly subscription cost. This offer is only available for the next seven days, as your existing service will be terminated without fail on FRIDAY 2nd MAY.

Take out a new account with PlusNet within the next 7 days and you can continue your ADSL Internet access with NO interruption ('down-time') or service transfer/migration charges. This offer is not usually possible with transfers to any other ISPs, which may incur migration charges (typically £35+VAT) and/or activation charges (typically £50+VAT).

Make sure you act now - this Limited Period offer is available to all breathepro customers who register with PlusNet before 2nd May 2003. Register today to avoid costly reconnection fees -
(more information in the announcements forum...)

Similar messages were sent to other users who are using VISP services operated by Affinity including, Qudos and Sonnet. Customers of VCISP and e2binternet are expected to be extended the same offer although no e-mails have yet been received.

PlusNet have stated that this affects approximately 600 customers in total. Anyone affected and wanting to migrate to PlusNet should proceed here for more information. [seb]


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