Broadband News customers are to be cut off

An e-mail was sent out to customers yesterday stating that all their internet connections would be cut off from 5pm on the 24th of April. This is following Affinity Internet Ltd. being placed into administration. Breathe is the trading name of the consumer facing business. The e-mail sent is as follows:

Please be advised that your internet connection account will be terminated on Thursday 24th April at 5pm. This is due to Affinity Internet (Virtual ISP Services Ltd) being placed in administration. We understand that Affinity Internet's business has been acquired by Cleverview and we recommend that you direct your enquiries to them directly on 0870 0102472.

We further understand that domains have been retagged by a brand of the same Company. If you are affected by this, we would advise that you take up any issues regarding that with Cleverview directly, again, on the same number.

We apologise for the inconvenience this will undoubtedly cause you.

E-mail communications to Affinity appear to have already been disconnected. It is expected that Oftel will be contacted with regards this as the notification period on the cease of contract has been so short. We currently recommended that if you are having problems, contact Cleverview on the number listed above to see if they can advise.


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