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BT Wholesale set 200 new trigger levels

BT Wholesale has published 200 new trigger levels, a few days later than earlier hoped for, but still good news. This will give another 200 locations a target to aim at, and bring the hope of Broadband that bit closer. The full list is published in our Announcements Forum.

BT Wholesale also plans to release a further 400 triggers this summer, which currently means around 1450 exchanges will have had triggers set, and 307 of these that have already hit their trigger level. Once all these exchanges are enabled, the coverage figures will rise to around 90% of houses.

BT Wholesale's Philippa Winterburn (Head of Broadband Marketing) had the following to say in recognition of the work that is being done, and has been done by local campaigners, "The key to successful local broadband awareness campaigns has been the energy and drive of the individuals who can see what broadband will mean for them and their communities. Their enthusiasm is infectious and highly effective at a local level. This website provides them with an online ‘campaign in a box’ toolkit to build a strong campaign, which will help speed up the arrival of broadband in their area." ADSLGuide would like to add that it is certain that the demand scheme would not be working as well as it is, without the hardwork and shoe leather expended by many local campaigners.

BT Wholesale with the recently re-styled website, is even more active now in promoting and helping local campaigns. If you run a campaign or are looking for help visit their website or email [email protected].


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