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Good news for Scottish Highlands

BT has published a press release informing us that six exchanges in the Scottish Highlands are to get ADSL on them during June 2003. Forres, Nairn, Oban, Dingwall, Fort William will go live on June 6th and Buckie on June 25th 2003. The first five exchanges are getting enabled due to support from the Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and Buckie is being accelerated for upgrade by BT Scotland.

These 6 exchanges cover 24,000 residential customers and 4000 businesses. Effectively this doubles the broadband coverage in the Highlands area.


When will the exchange in Fort William be upgraded to allow residents of Caol to receive broadband.
I pay the same amount or sometimes more than the people in Fort William and I am only able to get 56K, this is so unjust, upgrade the Fort William exchange to serve more people.

  • seamore
  • over 11 years ago

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