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BT Wholesale moves towards final fix for packet inspection issue

BT Wholesale has provided a briefing on this subject to Service Providers. The briefing details the wide ranging work going on to ensure that the default MS Windows MTU values do not cause packet inspection to cause an adverse impact on the overall BT Wholesale network performance. In short this means your download speeds are potentially not as good as they could be!

At present if you are using ADSL and do not have your modems or network cards MTU at a value of 1458 or lower, you may be experiencing slower than optimal speeds. BT Wholesale have a small utility that will set the MTU on most Windows machines available here.

The eventual plan is to raise the MTU value on BT's platform to avoid the fragmentation, alas this cannot be done overnight. BT Central gateways that link ISPs to BT Wholesale upto 34Mbps in size are currently completed, but not all the 155Mbps gateways are upgraded yet. The current end date for the whole upgrade is pencilled in for 28th May 2003.


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