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Latest release of BT exchange service dates

Another batch of service dates have been released by BT Wholesale. We count 19 exchanges in this weeks batch, plus Ainsdale missed from last weeks news. Our Demand Tracker is now listing 296 exchanges as having a service date, or already enabled and supplying ADSL, which can only be good news for the people in those areas.

No news on BT releasing around 170 to 200 triggers this week, unfortunately it is just a case of waiting and seeing what happens. Hopefully some of last weeks news on cost savings in the exchange build process will allow some more of the previously unviable exchanges to be given triggers.

Exchanges ready for service on 28th May 2003

Exchanges ready for service on 11th June 2003
Ainsdale, Ashbourne, Gresford

Exchanges ready for service on 18th June 2003
Bridge of Weir, Chafford, Sawtry, Wellington, Westwood

Exchanges ready for service on 25th June 2003
Buckden, Cudworth, Glantawe, Horsley, Monmouth, North Carlton, Thrapston, Tonypandy, Tonyrefail, Wemsyss Bay

Exchanges ready for service on 2nd July 2003


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