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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for March 2003

The time of the month has come around again to publish our speed test results. The top 10 ISPs in the March 2003 results for 512kbps ADSL services are as follows.

Please note that smaller ISPs may be excluded from this list due to a lack or absence of speed test data. ISPs are ranked by average downstream speed for 512Kbps connections with a minimum of 150 confirmed test results ("total" column). Also, these tests do not include any services offered at faster than 512Kbps such as the newer 1Mbps and 2Mbps services that we hope to include when the number of tests increase.






1 Nildram 449.7 Kbps 236.2 Kbps 2174
2 Eclipse Internet 449.2 Kbps 239.7 Kbps 1537
3 Zen Internet 441.7 Kbps 232.5 Kbps 1097
4 PlusNet 439.6 Kbps 237.5 Kbps 1609
5 BT Broadband 435.3 Kbps 234.2 Kbps 881
6 PIPEX Internet Limited 432.7 Kbps 236.9 Kbps 4783
7 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 430.6 Kbps 236.7 Kbps 493
8 Virgin Net 428.3 Kbps 235.5 Kbps 496
9 Demon 424.2 Kbps 220.0 Kbps 772
10 BTOpenworld 419.2 Kbps 220.3 Kbps 7629

There is no change at the top in terms of ranking with the top three Nildram, Eclipse and Zen maintaining their position for the fourth month in a row. We should however note that Eclipse has almost caught up Nildram with a fraction of a kilobit between them on downstream speeds and having already overtaken Nildram on upstream speeds. Next month could see Eclipse challenging Nildram for the #1 position.

Other notable risers are PlusNet climbing from sixth position to fourth and Freedom-2-Surf from ninth to seventh. BT Openworld managed to climb back into the top ten whilst Bolt Blue have dropped out this month

ISPs with a greater number of speed test results should be considered to be a more accurate representation of network performance. Do remember that speed is not everything--We would suggest users use our ISP Comparator which considers other factors such as reliability and customer service and to take advantage of our forums as well. To view a list of previous months results, click here. [seb]


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