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Velocity Games targets gamers with new 1Mbps and 2Mbps services

Another provider is taking on the challenge of using the BT DataStream system to allow the provision of high speed but low cost ADSL services. Velocity Games is unashamedly targetted at the dedicated gamer. A lot of people will immediately be saying, oh no not another start-up, but Velocity do have some history since they are a division of Lavron Technologies who have been selling ADSL for some time.

They are selling three distinct products: Broadband Pro at £34.99 per month, based around BT IPstream Home 500 service. Broadband 1mb at £39.99 per month, based around a BT Datastream 1Mbps 50:1 product. Broadband 2mb at £59.99 per month, again based on a BT Datastream 2Mbps 50:1 product.

It is worth pointing out that a 2Mbps or 1Mbps line is not neccessarily faster in latency terms for gaming, though the use of the private network that a Datastream setup allows may improve slightly over the standard BT IPstream offering. One very interesting aspect of the service, is that a 'tokens' system is in place to ensure that small groups of users are unable to over tax the system bandwidth wise, i.e. at peak times enough bandwidth is maintained to ensure a reasonable gaming should be possible. Systems like this often cause much uproar when added to existing services, but Velocity appear fairly open on the system they use and have a webpage outlining it here.

At this time the service should be available on around 60% of BT's ADSL enabled exchanges. How this service and the other Datastream providers will fare after the slashing of the price of BT Wholesales 20:1 Office services, only time will tell. The one certain fact is that 2003 developing into an exciting time with more and more services competing for our Broadband connections.


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