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MDSLAM community ADSL service available from July 2003

BT have officially announced the commercial launch date for its "ADSL Exchange Activate" product. Many people will know this as the mini-DSLAM product, or the community ADSL trial, these are now called ADSL Exchange Activate. The product will be available from July 2003, and while a lot of details were previously released for consultation purposes in the industry, the information and pricing seen today is effectively the final pricing for the product. Full details on BT's website here.

The product works by a sponsor (service provider, RDA, local businesses) paying a lump sum to get ADSL installed for groups of 30 customers, and this lump sum covers costs for a period of three years. The apparent aim of Exchange Activate is to fill in the gaps in exchange coverage, once the target of 90% national ADSL availability has been met. Which is BT saying, the next 600 exchange triggers released may be the last ones and are all the exchanges they feel will ever be viable for the full build of an ADSL exchange.

The pricing has reduced from what was published in February 2003, now it is £45,000 for the first block of 30 users on an exchange, and £30,000 for any further blocks of 30 lines. Once the 3 year period covered by these sums has expired the standard BT IPstream Home 500 rental charges will apply. The pricing is not really that attractive, it works to out at around £41/month per user in the first block of 30, and due to this it is likely to only be used in areas where local councils or Regional Development agencies feel there will be some local social or economic benefit.


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