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Unsure about Broadband and live in the North East? may well have a solution for you. They are holding a series of free Broadband workshops in the Tyne and Wear area starting 9th April. The places visited are Newcastle, Sunderland, South Shields, Gosforth, North Shields, Washington and Team Valley. The events are aimed at non-techie individuals and small businesses, and will give people an opportunity to get some of their questions answered face to face.

Events like this should help small business users who perhaps are not sure what Broadband can do for them, and often stick with what they have now, simply because it works and when calling many Service Providers very little specific advice is offered. Where as with a little research, they could perhaps save some money and at the same time improve their businesses communication abilities. Oh - did I mention there is a free buffet lunch at each workshop, visit the website for details on booking a place.


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