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BT Wholesale publish the new 102 trigger levels

The list of 102 new triggers has been published as promised by BT Wholesale. The list can be seen in our Announcements forum here.

This news produces both winners and losers. The biggest winner is Chafford, which with a trigger of 450 has already exceeded its trigger by 47 registrations. Therefore it will be moving into the build stage, and the word is that a service date will hopefully be published within 24 hours.

There are plenty of losers, there are still over 3000 exchanges that have no trigger set, more analysis of these and who has missed out today will follow once the various demand trackers have caught up and the true situation is revealed.

But back onto the slightly more fortunate 102 exchanges. The triggers range from 300 to 750 registrations required. The split looks something like this:

Trigger Level  No. of exchanges Trigger Level No. of exchanges
300 19 350 26
400 28 450 15
500 4 550 8
700 1 750 1

Some were predicting all the triggers would be between 400 and 700, but a great many are relatively low. The two exchanges with the most work to do are Ash Green in Kent (700) and Hollinswood in Shropshire (750).

The feelings from people are likely to be mixed, great joy in some cases that Broadband is finally near to arriving in their area, and great anger at the level they have been set to aim for in others.


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