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BT Wholesale Broadband price speculation

Graeme Wearden of ZDNet is speculating that BT Wholesale may be on the edge of reducing its Broadband product prices. This rumour arises from the comment by Bruce Stanford of BT Wholesale that the products pricing is under review.

It is worth pointing out that a price review is not that uncommon particularly when new products like the 256kbps and 1Mbps services are on the horizon. Of course a price cut may only apply to certain products, the ones most likely to be cut are the 20:1 contention services which range from £40 to £80 per month wholesale.

With the current activation offer from BT Wholesale ending for new orders on 31st March, talk of price cuts to further stimulate demand is something that most people will welcome. Of course any price cut BT Wholesale make has to be approved by Oftel, and even then it is likely to draw complaints from the usual corners.

With regards to the half price activation offer, not all Service Providers are ending it when BT Wholesale do, some are subsidising the offer further. Legend Internet is continuing to offer free activation on its self-install range until the end of April - this includes orders placed during April. If any other service providers are continuing the offer beyond the standard BT Wholesale terms then email us at [email protected] and I will compile a list in a news item.


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