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News on a 1Mbps consumer product from BT Wholesale

The raft of news from BT Wholesale continues today. Something that many people have requested in the past, and now appears to be about to happen. A consumer 1Mbps BT IPStream product - a trial is due this Autumn, with a launch date before the end of the year. Obviously any precise launch date will be governed by the success of the trial.

This 1Mbps product since it is likely to be part of the existing IPStream family may be a simpler product to upgrade to than switching to the 1Mbps and 2Mbps products recently launched by providers like Internet Central and Nildram. Why? Because if handled correctly it should be a re-grade option, and hopefully the forthcoming trial will handle this scenario. The Office product ranges are due a trial for speed regrades, avoiding the cease/provide scenario that can result in a lot of time without ADSL.

The 256kbps service will also be trialled at the same time, and is billed as an entry level service. In both cases no pricing is available, but it is unlikely that the Wholesale price for the 256kbps would be under £11+VAT a month. Remember of course service providers will need to add their costs/margin to this figure, which is generally £5 to £10.


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