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BT Wholesale expands number of exchanges with SDSL - Updated

BT Wholesale have released details of plans to extend the number of SDSL exchanges from 22 upto 100. This extension is due to be completed by the end of May 2003. With a commercial launch of the service this summer.

We are lead to believe by information passed on by Service Providers involved in the SDSL trials that the rollout will be something like:
14th April: 28 exchanges in Greater London, Greater Manchester and parts of Yorkshire
19th April: 11 exchanges in Greater London
28th April: 17 exchanges in the West Midlands
12th May: 22 exchanges in Scotland

The inclusion of a large number of exchanges outside the Greater London area is welcome, as it demonstrates at least some realisation that businesses will be wanting SDSL outside of the M25 area as well.

BT Wholesale have now released a list of the exchanges, with a timetable. This is now available for viewing in our announcements forum here.


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