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Dont forget BT Wholesale half price activation ends 31st March

A reminder to all those mulling over whether to order ADSL, now or wait. The current offer from BT Wholesale to Service Providers ends for new orders on 31st March 2003. This means we are likely to see activation charges returning to their old £50+VAT figure. Some ISPs have gone further with the current half price activation offer and are doing free activation.

A summary of most of the offers was posted in our news in December 2002, it was updated as ISPs released their offers, and is thus an easy guide to what is available. The list of offers is listed in our News Archive. Note: due to the fluid nature of these offers, we recommend contacting the ISPs to verify product availability.

Some ISPs may decide to continue the offer beyond 31st March 2003, or introduce different incentives. For those people whose exchange is activated in April 2003, there is a chance that you may be able to take advantage of the offer, if an order can be placed before the end of March, BT Wholesale will honour their part of the bargain so long as the line is activated prior to the end of April 2003.

To all those whose exchanges are not activated until May and beyond, fingers crossed that more new offers will appear. Perhaps BT Wholesale could offer half price activation on all newly enabled exchanges for two months as a way of boosting the actual ordering of ADSL in new areas.


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