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Midband and BTs new Virtual ISP service

The Register has some information on the forthcoming BT Midband service which will be based on ISDN. The main thrust as far as obtaining the service, is that BT are looking to release it as a Wholesale product during the summer.

BT Midband has been touted as an 'always-on' service until now, with at least the ISDN D-channel been always on and used to download email, with the other channels switching in/out as required. Unfortunately it would appear that Version One is to be just an unmetered Wholesale ISDN product, the bells and whistles will have to come later. This walks BT right into trap of being accussed of too little, too late by many people in the industry. So while the product is welcome, it looks even more of stop gap product.

It is also worth pointing out that at least the initial product release while unmetered in terms of call charges will have a cap to amount of time online. Once this cap is reached the user will have to switch to a 'Pay-As-You-Go' number, this will be handled by dialler software in the package running on the users computer.

BT has published a Service Provider Industry Notification (SPIN) document outlining things as they currently stand, a copy can be read here (best to download to local disk to read).

Lets hope the move to ISDN AODI and the enhancements this offers happen a lot sooner rather than later.


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