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News on 60dB extended reach ADSL

BT Wholesale is due to release the official documentation covering 'Extended Reach' products in the next few days. The increase in the limits from 55dB to 60dB will cover the BT IPStream and BT DataStream 500kbps products.

The change will result in more lines getting a green 'go' for activation at the ordering stage. Final BT technical checks are due to be carried out between March and June 2003 with deployment at the end of June 2003, pending no major problems been found.

The change in limits should mean around 600,000 people on existing exchanges who cannot currently get ADSL will probably be able to get ADSL. This still leaves 2.5% of people across all the activated exchanges who will still not get any ADSL service, this change to the limits will halve the number who cannot get ADSL. The likelihood is that people in the 55dB to 60dB area will see more rate adaption on the upstream than is currently exhibited by people on the edge of the service.

It is worth adding to this news, that the proposed 256kbps product that BT Wholesale are working on, will have the same planning limits.


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