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New LLU products from Easynet

Easynet will soon be launching some new LLU products. If you are a home user the pricing will probably be out of reach, but for a business currently using a leased line and wanting to reduce costs, or increase their bandwidth the pricing is attractive.

The basic pricing in the Greater London area is:

Setup £1995+VAT
1Mbps £3595+VAT per year
2Mbps £5795+VAT per year
4Mbps £9495+VAT per year

At first this doesnt look cheap when our news has had 2Mbps 50:1 products for £40 a month recently, but these products are very different. The high setup fee covers an engineer based install and the cost of the Cisco 2600 router. They are all 1:1 contention and carry a 99.9% SLA, availability monitoring, upto a block of 256 IP addresses. 6Mbps and 8Mbps products are also on their way, and a 32Mbps product is in testing in the labs.

The 99.9% SLA is what most business users will really enjoy seeing, for once this is a LLU product that promises to deliver leased line performance levels without the cost. How can such a high availability be guaranteed, simple the line is delivered over multiple copper pairs, thus even if one pair breaks a service can continue, though the line may be slightly slower if one pair is lost.

The products unfortunately are only available on around 80 exchanges that Easynet have unbundled at this time, but if the range proves popular we will hopefully see availability increasing.


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