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Business survey from BT Openworld

BT Openworld have published the results of a survey of 200 small businesses (SME) to determine their priorities for the next financial year.

Not surprisingly one aim is to spend less, something anyone involved with an SME will be familiar with. Apparently the aims as determined by the survey are to invest more in technology, cut down on the admin costs and improve budgeting and planning. 27 per cent of those surveyed are intending to purchase the most cutting-edge technology, such as Broadband. Which is good news for Service Providers who are starting to offer new and exciting options to business users.

The march of local loop unbundling is slowly gaining ground, and the recent 50:1 contention 1Mbps and 2Mbps product launches will be interesting to SMEs who until now have made do with ISDN or dialup access, in that the cost is the same or less than their existing Internet access but much faster. Business users should also be seeing improvements in the next few months within the SLA and SLG's offered on ADSL lines.


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