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BT Wholesale offer enhanced care options to service providers

BT Wholesale will be making available to service providers a new level of support for a variety of ADSL products from 31st March 2003. The Broadband Enhanced Care product is a cost option in addition to the existing Standard care that exists. This increase in the SLA/SLG should help to encourage businesses to start taking up ADSL in larger numbers.

Enhanced care will offer a 3 hour response time to faults, and a Service Level Guarantee that End User Access faults will be cleared within 20 clock hours. If the SLG is broken then 50% of the monthly rental fee is offered to the service provider (£40 on an IPStream Office 2000 line). To ensure that faults can be cleared, BT now has engineers available 24/7 to deal with them. The downside is the cost at £6.90 per ADSL line per month Note: this only covers the ADSL line, it would be wise to take out a similar maintenance option on the phone line, since this Enhanced care does not cover PSTN faults.

Enhanced Care is available on the IPStream Home 500, IPStream 500, IPStream S (500,1000,2000), IPStream Office (500,1000,2000) and Datastream Home and DataStream Office ranges of products. How the service providers decide to integrate the product is upto them, for example some may only offer the product as on option on their 1Mbps and 2Mbps products.


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