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More news on extending reach of 512kbps products

BT Wholesale is planning to test the new 60dB rules for the BT IPstream Home 500 and BT Datastream Home products during April/May 2003. The eventual plan if all testing is successful is to launch the revised rules in the summer.

It is worth pointing out that the increase from 55dB to 60dB is related to the testing that is performed prior to a line becoming ADSL enabled. The current 59dB woosh test limit, is likely to correspondingly increase to 64dB as well. In terms of what the increase in limit means for users, existing DSL users will see no change at all. It is likely that people who are able to get DSL due to the change in the limits may experience more rate adaption on the upstream channel, the downstream speeds will remain at 512kbps.

BT Wholesale is planning to release more information in around two to three weeks including timetables, at that time it should become clearer how to get onto the trial.


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