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BT Wholesale clarifies extended reach and slower ADSL product

BT Wholesale has clarified last weeks news of a new 256kbps ADSL product with an article on ZDnet by Graeme Wearden.

The internal trial that is currently taking place with just 10 people, is looking at the possibility of raising the line insertion test limit from 55dB to 60dB. This we covered back in December 2002. This change should bring ADSL availabilty up from an average of 94% to 97% on ADSL enabled exchanges, or put another way allow upto 600,000 more people to have access to the service.

The eternal question of 'Can I get on the trial?', is partially answered by BTs statement, that a larger trial is due to start in March. No details on how to apply for the trial, or whether it will be limited to certain exchanges is available. As and when we get further information on any trial we will let people know.

The talk of slower 256kbps ADSL is not a dead duck though, it is been looked at since there is a demand from some Service Providers for this as an option.


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