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NTL says VPNs are sort of OK

Bill Goodland (Internet Director) has been speaking to one of the groups of protesters over NTLs actions, the notes from the meeting can be seen here.

Apparently the use of VPNs on the home services is not banned, but just not supported on a technical basis. NTL admits the AUP is badly worded and needs to be changed, which raises the question why has it not been changed yet then? So which do people believe?

After the comments covered by other sites, that NTL didnt publicise the capping since they thought people would not understand it, due to not been 'techie' enough. One wonders about who NTL commission to write the AUP, since they cannot tell the difference between banning a service and not supporting it, maybe they arent techie enough?. We have been around this loop before, when NTL banned all server type applications, which effectively cut out a great amount of consumer Internet based software back in 2001. NTL eventually backtracked and re-wrote the AUP.

What is perhaps more worrying for users of the service is that NTL are saying the capping is because their Universal Broadband Routers only have limited expansion capability due to their age and NTL is no longer willing to simply add new UBRs to cope with new bandwidth growth. The question is does this mean if NTLs customer base continues to increase we can see more congestion and possibly lower caps? I guess only time will tell.


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