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Nationwide 1Mbps and 2Mbps ADSL for Home users - Updated

At last a service provider has launched a product that many home users have been looking for - a 1Mbps and 2Mbps product at an affordable price. The provider in question is Internet Central, who as well as been an ISP are also a licensed Regional Telecommications Operator.

The all critical pricing is £29.99+VAT for a 1Mbps line, and £39.99+VAT on the 2Mbps service. Both services run at a 50:1 contention, making the service suitable for home and SOHO type business use. The basic line rental is a no-frills package, but an additional 3 options providing email services are available.

Can you get it? Well the service should be available from 3rd March 2003, on all ADSL enabled exchanges. Internet Central are hoping that lead times of around 10 working days for installation will be possible. A migration package will be setup around mid-April for those transferring from an existing ADSL service.

Whilst the Bulldog was the first ISP to market 1 & 2Mbps DSL around these prices and speeds, its service is currently restricted to the Central London area. Internet Centrals service should be available on the 1100+ currently ADSL enabled exchanges. Both NTL and Telewest who had a duopoly on high speed/low pricing appear to be getting pushed out of the market place slowly.

At this time the precise technical information on how the service is provided are not available. Internet Central are playing the cards very close to their chest, if and when some further information becomes available we will pass it on. At present it is safe to say that is does not appear to be based around a new BT Wholesale IPStream Home 50:1 1Mbps and 2Mbps product. The service most likely revolves around the fact that Oftel list the company as holding a telecoms operator licence.

Update 6:20pm 20/02/03: Internet Central has produced a short FAQ on their service, which can be read here. The FAQ reveals crucially that BT DSLAMs will be used at the exchanges, hence why all current ADSL exchanges will be able to offer the service. Further information though is still classified by the NDA's that are in place, but with their Telecommunications Operator licence from the DTI, Internet Central are in a position to provision interconnectivity deals with any other Teleco. In essence this means the backhaul can be controlled by Internet Central, hence the ability to other 1 & 2Mbps products at a contention level BT Wholesale do not offer with the IPStream products.


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