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BT Wholesale looking into slower ADSL

ZDNet are reporting that BT is running a small trial looking at the possibility of running a 256kbps downstream ADSL service to extend the reach of ADSL slightly.

Apparently the trial is running with just around 10 users at present. Hopefully the ten lines can be used to provide feedback so that a larger more public trial can occur to assess the impact and potential reach of a 256kbps product.

Price wise, do not expect the costs to be half that of IPStream Home 500. The bulk of the costs on the low speed services is the actual port at the exchange and paying for physical hardware, these costs remain static no matter what speed line. We would expect the product to be perhaps a couple of pounds less per month at the most.

It would appear that BT Wholesale are looking at getting ADSL out to more people on the existing exchanges. There has been no further public talk about raising the line acceptance limits, that was last mentioned in December. It may be the case that the raising the limits and the 256kbps trial are both just various options that BT Wholesale are considering. So whilst the news is welcome, do not expect to see a new product appear next month, more like August/September time.


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