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ISDN/HH conversion to ADSL news

Home Highway and ISDN users sometimes have difficulty placing a conversion with some ISPs, since not all service providers support the existing service. One reason often given for this stance, is that the process is a manual order. A manual order means that actual paperwork must be completed and submitted to BT Wholesale.

As of Tuesday 11th February this has changed, BT Wholesale will now accept HH/ISDN conversion orders via their electronic ordering system (ECO). This should make it possible for ISPs that have intergrated online ordering systems to include this option and will hopefully result in more service providers supporting the conversion.

One thing worth highlighting for people considering the conversion is that when you convert a Highway/ISDN line, you will only retain the primary telephone number. If you require a second phone number, you will need to apply for an additional PSTN line.


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