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BT engineering work at Southwark and Battersea Exchanges
Saturday 18 January 2003 12:08:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Wholesale has warned Service Providers that users of BT Wholesale products at the Southwark and Battersea exchanges may have outages between 27th January 2003 and 7th February 2003. The work is to be confined to the hours of between 2am and 6am, to keep any disruption to a minimum.

The outages will be taking place to allow BT to connect various new types of diagnostic hardware and evaluate what will provide the best improvements in diagnosing faults throughout the whole BT ADSL network in the UK. Any deployment to other exchanges will be announced at a later date.

The Southwark and Battersea exchanges are pretty large, perhaps why they have been chosen. Southwark has two DSLAM's that will be affected and Battersea has a total of five.


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