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BT Mesh Trial over
Friday 10 January 2003 18:19:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Wholesale has informed Service Providers of the formal completion of the Mesh Wireless trial in Pontypridd, Wales. The purpose of the trial was to study the viability of a Mesh network delivering Video on Demand (VoD) content at 5Mbps to each user on the network. The trial used an early version of Radiants 28GHz technology.

BT adds, "Subsequently it is unlikely that this technology will be deployed in its current format at 28Ghz. BT is committed to increasing broadband coverage and is actively exploring other broadband wireless technologies including Mesh."

Expanding on the BT statement, the trial has performed its purpose, and has shown that there is a place for Mesh in providing Broadband coverage to areas. The trial was not intended as the pre-cursor to a full product, but to look at the issues surrounding using the technology in a real world enviroment. Hopefully we can look forward to further trials and a commercial product in the not too distant future


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