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Fujitsu Exchange Updates
Monday 23 December 2002 16:34:00 by John Hunt

BT have announced a planned upgrade to some of their Fujitsu 2nd Generation DSLAMs or FDX DSLAMs that are situated in local exchanges around the country. The work is to be under taken by BT and Fujitsu between the dates of the 7th January and the 10th January 2003.

BT state the work is intended to improve the reliability and overall Network performance of the Fujitsu equipment and to remove current intermittent problems.

The outage times for each DSLAM are detailed for each day at the following links below.

January 7th January 8th January 9th

It is expected that each upgrade should last for approximately 10 minutes. The 10th of January has been reserved for installing new line cards into the DSLAMs.


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