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Exchange list continues to grow.
Friday 18 October 2002 15:04:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The number of triggered exchanges under the BT Wholesale registration scheme is now 26. The latest exchanges are Bradford-on-Avon, Buckley and Drayton.

Now it is a case of the people in those areas waiting for BT to confirm the trigger and then the ISPs can verify the registrations and convert them to Advance Orders.

A common question from people is "Our exchange has no trigger, how do we get one set?". There are around 4000 exchanges in this state and BT Wholesale have said that if an exchange gets around 200 registrations they will review the trigger situation at that exchange. There is no point trying to register false demand as BT Wholesale will look at the registrations and if the data looks false may follow up with ISPs and get false data removed. For all the attendant faults in the registration scheme attempting to falsify demand will only make matters worse.

For those exchanges that are currently deemed unviable, there is a small bit of news. Part of the reason is down to the ratio of exchange lines to the actual trigger that the calculations produced. In short an exchange with 20,000 lines and a trigger of 400 is probably viable, but an exchange with only 1,000 lines and a 400 trigger is not going to stand much chance of making the 400. BT Wholesale are working on ways to reduce the delivery costs for broadband, and as these appear we may see trigger levels go down, and hopefully some unviable exchanges will gain a trigger level.


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