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Week 15 - Advance Orders improving
Tuesday 15 October 2002 09:18:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Another week and a few more thousand registrations have gone in. For those exchanges now collecting Advance Orders there has been some progress, BT Openworld appears to have started contacting customers and BT Retail with its BT Broadband product has a web page system running for registrations at last.

Still noticeable by their absence are AOL and Freeserve, nobody appears to have heard or seen any mention of registration. Demon claims "we are unaware of any arrangement where BT will accept advance orders". In such a fast moving industry it is very telling when companies appear to not keep abreast of IT news.

Back on the registration front we have 21 exchanges that have hit their triggers, Shaw managed this last night. Not all of these have been confirmed by BT yet, confirmation is basically the time at which BT and the ISPs take a couple of days to review the patterns in the registrations in an attempt to decide whether enough registrations are probably valid and whether it is worth collecting the advance orders.

Our Demand Tracker now holds 117,935 registrations from 2504 exchanges, with submissions for additional exchanges still appearring at around 100 a day. A lot of the submissions are duplicates of ones already listed, or oddly for exchanges that are already ADSL enabled.

Rank Exchange Name Registrations Trigger Last Change
1 Harrowden 197 (98%) 200 Tuesday 15 October 2002
2 Ivybridge 196 (98%) 200 Tuesday 15 October 2002
3 Drayton 189 (94%) 200 Tuesday 15 October 2002
4 Tottington 186 (93%) 200 Tuesday 15 October 2002
5 Bradford-On-Avon 364 (91%) 400 Tuesday 15 October 2002
6 Buckley 183 (91%) 200 Tuesday 15 October 2002
7 Danbury 171 (85%) 200 Tuesday 15 October 2002
8 Fernhill Heath 311 (77%) 400 Tuesday 15 October 2002
9 Kilsyth 151 (75%) 200 Tuesday 15 October 2002
10 Worle 297 (74%) 400 Tuesday 15 October 2002


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