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Hardware suppliers competing...
Tuesday 08 October 2002 09:53:00 by Andrew Ferguson

It would seem that the competition amonst the various retailers of ADSL modems is increasing. DSL Warehouse and Solwise have both just dropped a number of prices.

DSL-Warehouse have dropped the price of the Netgear DG814 to £109+VAT (£128.08). They also stock a wireless bundle including DSLW-906E and Netgear Access Point and PCMCIA card for £199+VAT (£233.82) and the EA715 (their version of SAR-715) for £99+VAT (£116.32). The website has also undergone a makeover, with an easier to access support section.

Solwise has dropped the price of its 4 port SAR-715 to £95+VAT (£111.62), and the single port 705 is now just £85+VAT (£99.87). The newer SAR-110 single port with IPSec VPN support and a firewall is just £79.95+VAT (£93.94). Solwise has also just announced a price cut in its microfilters, they are now just £4.99 inc VAT.

DSLSource has also announced new products in its range. The SpeedTouch 330 USB modem that works with MAC OSX and Jaguar and should coin a new description from its cycle helmet looks, the price is £68+VAT (£79.90). The SpeedTouch 530, which has both Ethernet and USB connectivity is £129+VAT (£151.58). The new top model in the SpeedTouch range is the SpeedTouch 610 at £299+VAT (£351.25), it is aimed at the SME market and has full VPN facilities.

Fortunately a lot of the price cuts in this field are sustainable, since as the number of broadband customers is growing the scale of economics is coming into play.


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